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Welcome to Hope4Cancer®

Welcome to Hope4Cancer® Cancun, established with the purpose of providing you, our patient, with a life-changing, immersive and practical education on how to combat cancer of all types or stages. After your Cancun jouney, you will return home to begin some of the most advanced alternative cancer treatments known in the world today, while maintaining a sustained, year-long relationship with our caring After Care Team.

Founded by the world-renowned physician, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D., Hope4Cancer® Cancun is the perfect complement to our Hope4Cancer Institute in Baja California. It was primarily created to provide our patients a vacation away from themselves, where they can truly understand their personal role in their victory against the disease. During this time, you will be taught how to follow Dr. Jimenez's Seven Principles of Cancer Therapy that he has developed over the past 24 years of treating thousands of cancer cases around the world.

Hope4Cancer® Cancun caters to patients at various stages of the disease in a resort-like environment, away from the sterile "hospital" feeling (if, in the judgement of our medical team, you require intensive clinical care, you will be referred to our sister clinic in Baja Calfornia). Be prepared to get educated, but also to have a joyful experience amidst the setting of beautiful Cancun. We can promise you that this experience will be like nothing you ever expected!

If you have cancer, or you know someone close to you who has cancer, do not wait: click on the button below to learn more about our program. Fill out the form on the right for an obligation-free appointment with one of our representatives, who will be happy to answer your questions.

Antonio Jimenez, M.D.: A Modern Day Pioneer in Alternative Medicine

For almost two and a half decades, Dr. Antonio Jimenez has been on a crusade to rid the world of cancer. That may be considered a tall order for one person, given that cancer death rates have only dropped by an insignificant 5% since 1950, despite billions of dollars invested in the development of commonly pursued conventional methods. But Dr. Jimenez is no ordinary physician.

Dr. Antonio Jimenez is the Medical Director of Hope4Cancer® Cancun and its sister Institute in Baja California. Thousands of patients have benefited from his principle-driven approach that delivers safe, effective and non-toxic treatment options to people engaged in their battle against cancer. Your image title

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An exceptional researcher and clinician, Dr. Jimenez has traveled the world in his quest for the best possible options against the disease, and has pioneered many alternative treatment approaches. He is one of three World Recognized Pioneers (the only one in the American continent) of the Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) method. His vision has guided him towards constant innovation, in an effort to better the lives of his current and future patients. He is backed up by an exceptional medical and scientific team that stays focused on bettering the lives of our patients.

Dr. Jimenez says, "There is a great need for people to get educated about themselves - their body, mind and spirit - in order to truly overcome cancer and other chronic conditions and continue to live long, healthy lives. Cancer is not as much a disease as it is a state of the body, and can be overcome by changing the body's environment. Our alternative cancer fighting agents are designed to allow the body to regain control from the malignant influence. But it is the education and a discrete change of lifestyle that is essential to truly eliminate and keep away the disease. That is what Hope4Cancer® Cancun is all about: we empower people to win through an immersive education. Our patients will leave Cancun empowered by the clarity of what needs to be done."


Treatments & Education

Hope4Cancer® Cancun is a unique location that is structured around Dr. Jimenez's Seven Principles of Cancer Therapy (click here to learn more). After years of treating patients and establishing a potent arsenal of non-toxic anticancer agents, Dr. Jimenez realized that more needed to be done from the perspective of educating our patients in their journey against cancer. That is why "Education" became the keyword for the establishment of Hope4Cancer Cancun.

From the treatment perspective, Hope4Cancer® Cancun is pleased to bring you Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT). This combination provides the perfect treatment for cancer patients across different forms and stages of the disease. SPDT uses sound and light waves to activate an orally taken, non-toxic, sono-photosensitive agent to destroy cancer cells.

In addition to SPDT, Hope4Cancer® Institute features many other powerful Natural Cancer Treatments that embrace Dr. Jimenez's "Seven Principles of Cancer Therapy". These treatments are designed to provide an all-round healing experience to the body, helping it regain its strength and resilience, even as the impact of the cancer progressively diminishes. Visit our Treatments section to learn more about our revolutionary treatment options.

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Who Do We Treat?

Hope4Cancer® Cancun facility is geared towards primarily the treatment of cancers. You may fall into any one of these categories and qualify to visit us:

1. You Have "Clinically Manageable" Cancer: If you have cancer at a stage where your body does not require 24/7 clinical surveillance, then you may qualify to come to our Cancun facility! We accept cancer patients all the way up to Stage III (based on conventional classification), or maybe even Stage IV, if the clinical symptoms are under control. All other patients will be referred to our Baja California center which is better equipped to handle clinically unstable cases.

2. You Are in Remission:  You may be in remission, or in a state of seemingly stable disease, following conventional treatments but are concerned about the high rates of recurrence, which is a reality for most patients. Or, you may have been told that your cancer has started progressing again. 

3. You Are at Risk: Maybe cancer runs in your family, or you have been exposed to certain risk factors (biological, environmental, behavioral or medical) that predispose you to cancer. You want to learn how to preventively change your lifestyle and change the course of the "inevitable".

4. Advanced Stage Cancer Patients: If we cannot accomodate you at our Cancun facility because of your more extensive need for clinical support, then we will refer you seamlessly to our Baja California facility. Call us anyway!

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